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Buy songs from the best Brazilian Ghost Producers and release them as your own

Our mission is to make an impact

in your project or career.


Renowned producers

100% of the rights

Buy songs from ghost producers that played in events like Tomorrowland and Universo Paralello.

You retain all copyright and details of how the music was produced.


Total privacy

Our confidentiality agreement guarantees total discretion in the entire process.


Mix & Master

Included in all tracks as well as custom ones.

buy your own

Custom Tracks

Produced according to your briefing, ready to be released by you!


US$ 220

Premium Music

Complete Music Production

100% Copyright

Mix & Master Included

5 Simple Modifications

Delivery within 20 days

Guaranteed DEMO refund

Ghost Plus

US$ 280

Everything from Ghost and more:

+ Infinite Simple Modifications

+ Vocal Sample Included

+ Delivery within 15 days

Guaranteed DEMO refund

Ghost Custom

Do you need specific producers, original compositions or even co-productions with artists?

Get in touch and we'll do everything to make it happen.

All packages include:

100% copyright

Songs rendered in 44.1kHZ - 24-bit

All STEMS files (.wav)

Project MIDI sequences (Mastered and Unmastered versions)

Choose from original songs or remixes to win contests, from soundtracks to set intros and even collabs.


First you will talk to our producers about your vision for the music, submitting tracks and reference details.


With the briefing defined, we will charge 20% of the total amount, with a guaranteed refund ,   for DEMO production of your music, and we'll send it to you for approval or full refund.


If the DEMO is approved, we will charge the remaining 80% of the value for producing the final version. You will be able to request modifications according to your package.


After your final approval, the song will go through mixing and mastering, and will be sent to you with all the necessary files + detailed creation process.

track personalizada

Ready-to-buy and Download

Buy and receive the full song with 100% copyright.

Songs rendered in 44.1kHZ - 24-bit

All STEMS files (.wav)

MIDI sequences (Mastered and Unmastered versions)

Do you prefer to create a track from scratch, all custom made for you?

tracks prontas

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